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"Getting and keeping your horse sound"

Equine Acupressure
Practitioner and Instructor,

NBCAAM Certified

Colt Starting and Restarting

Equine CBD


Accepting Horses

for Rehabilitation

Equine Acupressue
Meet the team


Jodi Brassard
NBCAAM Certified Practitioner and Instructor

Jodi grew up riding and has been a horse trainer for over 15 years. Looking to add to the relationship and well-being of her equine companions, she found Traditional Chinese Medicine and was very excited to add acupressure to her training program by receiving her National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure and Massage (NBCAAM) administered through the Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute. In addition to practicing equine acupressure, she is also an instructor for the Elemental Acupressure.


As seen in training, most horses get injured because they are not ready for the heavy work of a training program. Acupressure offers a safe and effective way to keep our equine friends healthy while maintaining their job, or as Jodi likes to say "Getting and keeping your horse sound". Jodi has seen amazing benefits in the horses she has cared for.

In her spare time Jodi regularly takes her horse Keeva and dog Cooper on trail rides around the Texas Hill Country, participates in cutting horse events, competes in the Bluebonnet Rescue Horse Training Challenge placing in the professional category, and volunteers her time with the Mustang Heritage Foundation Veteran Program which pairs veterans with wild mustangs for a six week process where the veterans work to gentle their mustangs in need while learning on-the-job training for future occupation in the equine industry.

Equine Acupressure

The health benefits of acupressure-massage have been recognized for over 4000 years. These hands-on bodywork techniques have been applied to animals for as long as they have been used to promote health in humans. Acupressure-massage is safe, noninvasive, and deceptively gentle yet powerful.

Acupressure has been proven to:

  • Strengthen muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and bones

  • Release natural cortisone to reduce inflammation and swelling

  • Resolve injuries more readily by increasing blood flow to remove toxins

  • Release endorphins to increase energy and reduce pain

  • Enhance mental clarity and calm required for focus in training and performance.

Acupressure session - $85

(First time sessions will require a two week follow up)

For more info on Equine Acupressure contact us with any questions

Equine Acupressure
Equine Acupressure
Equine Acupressure
Fire Cupping

Chinese Fire Cupping

Chinese Fire Cupping is a modality in which cups create suction on the skin. And it’s not just for people! Horses also benefit from cupping with increased blood flow, pain relief, nervous system benefits, inflammation, and more. We use fire to create the suction needed to pull the blood flow up to the skin’s surface. By adding Fire Cupping to your horse’s Acupressure session, we can provide immediate relief in the areas of deeper muscle tissue.

Add on to any acupressure session for $30

For more info on Chinese Fire Cupping contact us with any questions

Equine fire cupping
equine fire cupping


Colt Starting



Trail Riding



Putting a solid foundation on a horse is key to their ability to learn and their work ethic. Jodi works to make her horses feel fluid and confident, preparing them for any direction the owner takes them. Horses in training will also receive weekly bodywork and nutrition evaluations.  


 Is your horse in the process of getting healthy enough for work?  Recovering from illness or injury?  Jodi has worked with many horses coming from situations where we need to get back to happy and healthy.  

$1200/30 days

Training located in Granger, Texas

To speak to Jodi about training and other programs with your horse call 512.567.9305

Horse Training Texas Austin
Horse Training Texas Austin Brassard Equine
Horse Training Texas Austin Brassard Equine

Body Work Classes


I am an Associate Instructor with Elemental Acupressure, teaching virtual and hands on body work classes.  Elemental Acupressure has been teaching for over 25 years, and specializes in educating people on how to use Eastern Medicine to improve the health of your animals. 

We offer classes for all levels including: 

The newbie just starting out with bodywork

Students who want to become a Certified Acupressure Practitioner

As well as offering further education and mentoring

Chinese Fire Cupping Class coming 2021 

Contact for more information



These are meant to fun and interactive, while learning and enjoying our equines. On the bodywork side we discuss the benefits of

Eastern Medicine, and you will learn a mini session you can do on your own horse. By learning this set of pressure points, you will be able to help your horse by targeting a specific region of their body. On the training side we offer both in hand and under saddle lessons; including getting your green horse going, refining body control, problem horses, and your own biomechanics in the saddle. Clinics can be held at your barn or ours! 

Contact for more information


Equine CBD Now Available!




We are thrilled to announce that Brassard Equine is now a CBD provider for our equine friends!


CBD has many benefits for keeping our horses happy and healthy!!

TOML NOC Products are Grown in the USA, Organically Processed and 0% THC

CBD is short for “Cannabidoil”, it is derived from the Cannabis Sativa L. (Genus, species, and subspecies) plant 

Products come in Tinctures (oils), Salves (lotion), Sprays (topical), or Pellets 


Specific health conditions that CBD may improve, based on currently available studies include:  

Pain from arthritis or laminitis 

Anxiety during stall confinement 

Stress during traveling 

Ulcers and leaky gut 

Healing from surgery or injury 

Immune system depression from oxidative stress experiences with Cushing’s disease

Appetite Regulation


Inflammation, with the potential to reduce leptin levels 

Insulin resistance. 

For more information or to place an order, please contact us

Brassard Equine Acupressure merchandise available here


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